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Monday, September 19, 2005

The SG Show #13 - Sam's Podcheck Show

Listen to the latest show.

Sam missed Scott Fletcher's Podcheck show (the newest little Fletcher's colic is keeping the house in relative disarray), so rather than wait, he decided to make a Podcheck of his own.

NOTE: If you liked the production of the show this week*, thank Scott for his fantastic production skills. His voice and production talents are available to you too. Check out the Caraworks offerings.


Some sites mentioned in the show:

Podcheck Review

Podcast 411
The Mommycast
Book Voyages
101 Uses for Baby Wipes

And these sites as well:

Podcast Alley

*If you didn't like the production, it's Steve's fault. Yes, he needs to go to night classes at the Columbia School of Broadcasting.


Blogger Dennis said...

Thanks, Sam, for the favorable mention of my 'Daddycast' in your PodCheck show #13. I was wondering why my subscriptions bumped up around the time of your show post!

You sound great, Sam. Don't let your dad hog the mic too much (grin)...

Dennis Gray

9:25 PM  

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