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Monday, August 15, 2005

The SG Show #9 - Bears and Bullies

Listen to the latest show.

So much stuff in this show - we hope you enjoy it!

First, thanks to Fierce Mellon for the music for this week's show. The song is called Professor Pennywhistle's Daddy Pants Boogie and is from their Sunrise at the Duck Pond album. We thought the song was appropriate to the educational nature of this week's show.

And here are some links to other things we talked about during the show.

The Smelly Monkeys Podcast is hosted by a dad with his two kids. Give it a listen!

If you haven't voted for us yet on Podcast Alley, help spread the word about family Podcasts. Vote now.

Tips on behaving around wild bears and lions.

Standing up to bullies - from the Quick Verbal Tactics web site.

And finally, we had a chance to interview Sam's cousin Leo!

If you'd like to be on the SG Show, give us a call at 206-33-SAM7. But make sure to get permission first. It's a long distance call!

Thanks and we'll talk with you soon!

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Anonymous cousin sharon said...

Just love the interview with cousin Leo and cant wait to hear cousin "Zachs" interview,,,,

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Carol said...

I had so much fun listening to your show. What a great idea.I'm not a kid but I do have a Sam at home- she's 21 years old! Does that count? And your cousin Leo is world known because I am writing from Israel. We do a podcast from there called Israelisms. I'll spread the word about your show to the younger members in our family. Keep up the good work Samand you too Steve!

9:10 AM  
Blogger lee said...

I am finding the SG Show to be a lot of fun. Episode 9 is my favorite so far. The combination of bears and bullies just worked out perfectly. And it makes me kind of sad, because my daughter is almost 12, and she was seven last time I looked! Kids grow so quickly... I don't have to worry about bears when hiking in the Santa Monica mountains around my house, but I have to worry about rattlesnakes. No one will ever have to warn us not to pet the cute rattlesnakes, though. Also, I wish I knew how to deal with bullies when I was a kid! Anyway, great show.

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Steve and Sam said...

The Israelisms Podcast is great, Carol. We've been enjoying it. Thanks for the feedback Lee.

And Sharon, the Zach interview is coming up next show! Stay tuned!


Sam and Steve

6:55 PM  

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