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Saturday, June 25, 2005

The SG Show #3

Listen to the third show.

We now have the Podcast feed up. Using a Podcast program like iPodder, you can click on the Feed Burner icon and automatically download the new shows when we post them each Saturday (oh, we're posting them each Saturday). We understand the next version of iTunes (4.9) will have Podcast subscriptions built in, so we'll post instructions on how to subscribe when it's released.

The SG Show #3

Opening theme song -- It's Good (from It's True by Larry Zarella)

The Rundown

  1. Sam discusses The Wide Window, book 3 of A Series of Unfortunate Events and talks about the summer reading program at the local library.

  2. Sam reads from "Gross Jokes" by Glenn Singleton (warning: if you are seven years old, this segment is guaranteed to give you the giggles).

  3. We're looking forward to Sam going away to sleepaway camp for the very first time.

  4. Steve and Sam discuss the last day of school and Steve proudly reads off Sam's end-of-year results.

  5. Going to the beach is something on a lot of families' minds this time of year. Sam and Steve talk about great beaches in the Bay Area and Steve tells a funny story about rescuing Sam from a rogue wave.

Next show:

  • We'll give the results of the quiz;

  • Sam will review another Lemony Snicket book;

  • We may play some other Podcast promos (if they are family safe);

  • Sam will give us a report on Summer camp;

  • We'll read some listener e-mail;

  • and, Steve will talk about fun activities for families to do together.

Remember to e-mail us the answers at steveandsam@gmail.com.

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