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Sunday, August 21, 2005

The SG Show #10 - Thanks for 10 great shows (so far)!

Listen to the latest show.

We made the file size a bit smaller to help those of you on dial up connections. As a result, our audio engineer is still facing some "challenges." Any of you professional audio people are welcome to send in your advice!

In this show:

Ol' Pen by Larry Zarella kicks off the program

We got a call on our voice comment line! If you'd like to be on the SG Show, give us a call at 206-33-SAM7. But make sure to get permission first. It's a long distance call!

We talk about some books Sam likes.

Sam gives his review of the movie Madagascar.

Some general knowledge trivia quizzes ensue.

And, we wrap up our 10th show with a fun song.

All that, and more, on today's SG Show.

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Blogger Eric said...

Greatly enjoyed show #10 -- the first SG Show I've listened to. Good good stuff!!!

Sam, I feel your pain, I started back in school this week. Graduate school, so I guess it's about the equivalent of 17th Grade or so. Still lots of homework, but no recess, unfortunately.

Anyway, school can be hard. But just keep in mind that it's good for you, and I'm sure you'll start to like it better (and maybe I will too!).

We'll play your promo on one of our future shows; and when we get around to making our own promo, I'll be sure to email it to you...

"There are Jews in Alabama" podcast

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Sam said...

Thanks Eric! Sam has a great-grandmother in Alabama so we'll check out your show.

Thanks for playing our promo!!

6:57 PM  

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