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Saturday, December 03, 2005

The SG Show #23 - The Listener Show

Listen to the latest show.

Holy cow! Thanks to everyone who wrote and called in! If we didn't get you on this show, we're sorry!! Be sure to click on the Frappr link and let us know where you're listening to the show.

Good quiz questions this week. Here's some more stuff you can check out:

What's the difference between the north pole and the place where compasses point? And where could magnetic north be moving? Find out on this site.

Why do we sometimes call policemen (and women) cops?

Who invented the pencil eraser?

And, what is the atmosphere of Mars made of?

We're trying to figure out who's listening to our show. Please take a moment and fill out this brief survey.


Anonymous ldraider@yahoo.com said...

Where is the bar-be-que sign on your website located?

6:33 AM  

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