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Monday, November 14, 2005

The SG Show #20 - Podcasts and Punishment

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Steve just got back from the Podcast Expo in Southern California and talks about the other Podcasters he met and some of the things he learned.

Sam discusses some new books he read.

And...how do you punish a seven-year-old so they learn from their mistakes?

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Here are some links to things discussed in the show:

This week, we receive a very nice voice mail from musician and Zogonian Lizard called Lyndon. Check out 3 Blind Mice, possibly the greatest band you haven't yet heard of.

Interested in finding other family friendly Podcasts?
Try the Podcast Pickle.

All you'd need to know about M&Ms.

And after you've had your fill of M&Ms, better check out this Wikipedia article on dental cavities.

Do you know the REAL story of Thanksgiving?

(To those of you from abroad, Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrating a feast supposedly commemorating the survival of the pilgrims during the harsh early years in the New World.)


Anonymous Anisha Hall said...

Im Anisha, and im a 13 year old girl. I read about podcasts in Parade magazine, and had to check them out. Well i have to say that this podcast was wonderful! I dont know..this show makes me feel great! I have to say this a cool show to listen to. Now all of my friends listen to it too! Keep them coming!

4:03 PM  

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