"We're small, but we're growing" - Sam

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The SG Show #18 - The First Annual Halloween Show

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Halloween is a favorite time of year for both Sam and Steve. Steve likes the fall colors. Sam likes trick-or-treating for candy. Steve likes the warm days and the cool nights. Sam enjoys collecting candy. Steve always celebrates his birthday right before Halloween. Sam ... well, he really likes candy.

Here are some links to things discussed in the show:

The Neopets Podcast (hosted by our fan, Wade)
Mark's Electric Sky Podcast
Halloween on the Wikipedia
One of Steve's favorite writers: Dave Barry

Thanks Paige and Gretchen for the opening promo. If you haven't heard the Mommycast yet, you should check it out!


Audio this week courtesy of The Paper Magic Group

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The SG Show #17 - Seasons

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Steve's heading out on a business trip for a few weeks and Sam's back to school, so we're trying to tie up our unfinished business in this episode.

Note: Helloo Denmark!

Here are some links to things discussed in the show:

The comics Sam referred to:

Baby Blues

The Internet is a great source of research for our quiz questions, but be careful. You can't believe everything you always read on the computer. Make sure you do LOTS of research and check the sources of your material.

Facts About Sherlock Holmes
Why is it that when its winter in the United States, it's summer in Australia?
Do dogs age seven years for each year of human life?

Lastly, here are links to equipment we use to record the Podcast. We definitely need our friends from Podsqod to give us some lessons in making this production sound better for you!


Sony Minidisc recorder. Note: Steve records directly into his computer at work using an M-Audio duo USB interface and it works great!


Steve: Electrovoice RE-20. Kind of expensive, but the sound quality is worth it. You should definitely get the shockmount for this which will quiet any desk-pounding you may do during the show.

Sam: DT290-80 headset mic. It's over $100, but sounds good (when the wearer is not overly figity).

Occasionally, we use a mixer, a cheap, but good Behringer, as recommended by our friends at Whole Wheat Radio.

And then for editing we use both Sony's Sound Forge and Adobe Audition 1.5. Sound Forge doesn't handle multiple tracks, like when you're trying to fade in music, so that's mostly what we use Audition for.

We're looking for a good compressor/limiter to help keep the dog/baby/telephone sounds out of the background, and something that will keep the recordings not as "noisy." If you have any suggestions, please let us know! We want to sound good for you!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

The SG Show #16 - The No Name Show

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Okay, once and for all, we give out the correct voice comment line telephone number. It's 206-33-Sam77. Tell us what you're planning to be for Halloween!

We fulfill our promise from last week's show to do a bit of writing education. We also talk about:

The Tech Museum in San Jose
Moon trivia
Take a virtual tour of the California Capitol (where we went on our road trip)
Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago
The History of Basketball
Why do things float?

We play a promo for SG Show listener Ed's new Podcast, Ed's Mixed Bag. Check it out!

Note: We do reference cow dung in this episode. For those of you who don't know what dung is ... well, it's poop, poo poo, doody. Enjoy.

Monday, October 03, 2005

The SG Show #15 - Facing your Fears

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This week, we talk about some books Sam's been reading, what it's like to challenge your fears, and a new quiz.

Other sites we discussed during the show today:

Check out the Charlie Bone books (good if you like Harry Potter) by Jenny Nimmo.
How do airplanes stay in the air?
The five-second rule on Wikipedia.

And if you like the show, please let us know!