"We're small, but we're growing" - Sam

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The SG Show #7 - Sam and Steve go on the road

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We're back from our mini-vacation. In this show, we talk about our visit to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, a road trip to Reno, and some movies and books we've been enjoying during the show.

A friend wrote to us, saying we should promote ourselves more, but we'd rather spend the time to make more shows for you all. So if YOU want to spread the word about The SG Show, hop over to Podcast Alley and vote for us.

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We're number 314 now, which makes us slightly less popular than a guy who describes the flavor of cheese, and slightly more famous than an open microphone placed inside a government office.

The opening music on the show is My Wonderful Shadow by The Aquamarines.

Thanks for listening!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

The SG Show #6 - The show without Sam

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Sam is anxiously awaiting the release of the sixth Harry Potter book and enjoying his last few weeks of summer vacation (he's in a year-round school), so Steve had to record this one solo. Sarah makes a cameo appearance.

Note: We'll be off on a road trip this upcoming week so the next show will appear in two weeks.

In this show, I read from Book 5 in the Harry Potter series and demonstrate the perils of trying to create unique voices for all the characters.

And to close out the show, which ended up being a standard-length program, rather than the shorter one I thought it would be, I read Sam and the Firefly by P.D. Eastman. If you haven't read it before, we highly recommend it, if only to enjoy the illustrations.

Thanks again to Larry Zarella for his lyrical music. You can check out his other tunes and buy his CDs at CD Baby.com. This show we play his wonderful tune Halfway to Paris as well as parts of Forever is Not that Long.

Thanks to those of you who have voted for the show at Podcast Alley. We are now ranked #317 (probably out of 318), but we appreciate the time that nine of you took to vote. If voting isn't your thing, please just tell a friend about the show. We especially love to hear that other kids are tuning in and want to try Podcasting on their own!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

The SG Show #4.5

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Our brains are still hard at work, trying to create the play for all of you. But, a lot of you have written to us inquiring about the latest show this week.

So we put one together for you -- kind of in a hurry. We didn't set up using our usual equpiment and as a result, the audio might sound a little hot (loud) to you all. Sorry about that! We're definitely going to have a word with our audio engineer.

On today's show, we give the answers to the quiz, we talk about summer camp, Sam discusses book 5 of A Series of Unfortunate Events, and, what happens when you lose your first tooth!

Thanks to Larry Zarella for the intro music. You can check out his other tunes and buy his CDs at CD Baby.com.

Friday, July 01, 2005

The SG Show #4 - What a kid learns at summer camp

Listen to the fourth show.

Sam returns from summer camp with an entirely new ... er, vocabulary.

Opening tune - Steve got this COMPLETELY wrong on the show. It's really called Smokey Booty Campfire by the band The Box. Sorry, guys!

Welcome Sophia Danielle Fletcher, born June 28, 2005. 8lbs 3 oz. 19.5 inches!

We talk about Sam's first experience away from home for a week, living in a bunk of 10 other seven-year-old boys at Camp Tawonga.

Sam talks about some books he's been reading, The Miserable Mill, book 4 of an increasingly unfortunate series. And, remember the Hardy Boys?

We discuss the G-rated movie we saw together after Sam got home from camp. Sam talks about the tune while Steve goes to IMDB to look up interesting facts about the film.

Other links you can check out:

Our new voice comment line: Note: this is a long distance call. Get permission from your parents (or your wife) before you call: 206-33-SAM7. 206-337-2677.

If you're into the whole democracy thing, you can vote for the show at Podcast Alley. A big thank you to the one person who voted for us in June, propelling us to the 1,347th most popular show (slightly less popular than crop reports in Phoenix, but slightly more listened to than 17 minutes of static).

Finally, we have a quiz winner, which we'll announce next show.

Coming up on show #5 - an original play written by Sam. He's still waiting for the muse to arrive, so we'll see what happens. We may try an experiment - a Pod-play. Tune in next week for more details.