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Sunday, February 26, 2006

The SG Show #32 - What Kids Talk About on the Playground

Listen to the latest show. What do kids talk about when adults aren't around?

Win a book from Sam's library! Call 206-337-2677 and leave us a message. The most creative one wins! Last chance to enter!

Other links to stuff we talk about on the show:

David sends us updated earthquake liquefaction maps from the USGS.

Josie from Denmark's web site

The new map of land that may experience liquifaction during an earthquake in the Bay Area.

Paul from Toronto's Podcast (he's seven years old).

Who invented the umbrella?

What is the history of the biathlon in the Olympics?

Goofy. Dog or man? Join the debate.

Thanks for the picture, Fraser! You can check our Fraser's web site, complete with a video Podcast for kids.

and Ed from Ed's Mixed Bag Podcast wanted to let people know that his web site location has changed. You can listen to his great show at the new address: www.edsmixedbag.com.

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Anonymous Ed Ovett said...

Thank you Steve, for the link to Ed's Mixed Bag! Listeners should note, that the old URL will still work. The new address: www.edsmixedbag.com is easier to tell friends about! I'm still with Libsyn and enjoying every minute!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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